Life-Friendly Habits
Eat less beef.
 A main cause of Amazon rainforest wildfires is beef production.
Don't eat farmed fish.
Farmed fish are threatening wild fish populations and passing maladapted genes to wild populations, which leads to marine mammals like seals starving. Learn more in this film from Patagonia.
Switch to clean energy.
This can be as simple as a few clicks with the "Inc. 500" B-Corp CleanChoice Energy, or contact your energy provider.
Use a washable water bottle.
There is currently more plastic in the water than fish. And you may have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, 500 jumbo jets worth of plastic floating between Hawaii and California.
When we trash or recycle plastic, it's often ending up in the ocean.
Instead of plastic wrap,
use glass containers to store food.
For the same reasons as above.
leafy sea dragon.png
hummingbird facing right.png
weedy sea dragon.png
Buy local.
Less transportation means less greenhouse gases. And local growing methods are often more adaptable to organic and pesticide-free farming than large industrial operations.
Walk or glide.
Walking, biking, skating, and other carbon-neutral activities can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Participate in local habitat restoration.
From picking up trash on the beach to restoring native plants,
your participation in healing natural habitats near you makes
a difference. Work solo or join a group in your area.